Warning: This blog post is not sponsored by Logitech! Although it would be nice if it was, wink wink ;)

My wrists got their share from spending hours writing code every day. At the end of every night, I would feel pain in my elbow and a tingling sensation in my fingers. These are common symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome! So I started stretching to ease the constant pressure on my nerves. I also found a great software called Stretchly that reminds me to take small breaks from work. It helped me look away from the screen and move my body once in a while.


(Image Source: hovancik.net)

However, I’m lazy! After a while, I stopped doing the exercises. Then I uninstalled Stretchly because I got distracted and annoyed by the reminders. Instead of stretching on every reminder, I skipped most of the reminders or just closed the application alltogether. Even when I was doing all the stretches, I was still slightly in pain.

As a last resort, I started looking for an affordable ergonomic keyboard and mouse. After some research, I bought a Logitech ERGO K860 and a Logitech MX Vertical. Surprisingly, these products turned out to be one of my all-time favorite purchases!


(Image Source: cnet.com)

My only complaints so far are:

  • Lack of a keyboard backlight
  • Increased travel distance from the keyboard to the mouse because of the number pad keys, which is not good for the pain. I’m not a 10x programmer, so I use my mouse often :)
  • The gap between the keyboard and the wristrest is often collecting dirt.
  • It is not possible to detach the wristrest from the keyboard for cleaning.
  • Even though you get used to it, it is harder to be accurate with a vertical mouse.
  • Some letters on the keyboard started to fade.

Best features so far:

  • Immediate pain relief thanks to ergonomics!
  • You can connect both the mouse and keyboard to multiple devices, and switch between computers with the click of a button! I have been using this functionality to switch between my personal Windows desktop PC and MacBook Pro 2019 for work.
  • Keyboard layout is allowing me to type faster than usual! You get used to the split layout in no time.

My carpal tunnel syndrome was not severe. Maybe that’s why I got such significant results just by changing my keyboard and mouse. I’m curious about what you guys have done to reduce your pain and improve your office/home PC ergonomics. Let me know in the comments below!